Shiny Object Syndrome

Ok – I admit it. I am totally distracted with technology, particularly new technology for marketing or automation. When a new widget is presented or new plugin that promises better productivity or automation, I find it irresistible. I have to investigate.

Do you have similar issues? Are you distracted by new offers?  Are you frustrated by them too?  (Call me psychic). Your business probably has different shiny objects  but when the marketing is compelling and you are always looking for ways to optimize, fix, or improve things, these shiny offers really get to you.

I am much much better at saying no now, but it remains a distraction.  And saying no is a real act of strength.  I lacked a good system for saying Yes or No to the new shiny object because sometimes it is appropriate to say Yes.

To make matters worse I need to review all these “shinny objects” for my clients who may need them to help launch or optimize their own businesses. They count on Yoda, me,  to “vet the tech”. So I needed a system to help sort this problem out.

Fortunately, my online productivity coach is Rich Schefren. Rich always has great productivity hacks. He nails it on this one.

He created a slide show to help sort this very thing out. Rather than say “ALL SHINY OBJECTS are BAD” which is not true and going to the other extreme and will cause you to twitch and have brain cycles wondering if that shiny object you just passed over really WAS the answer to your prayers. Now you can just run it through a series of test questions and then “let it go”. This helps overcome that annoying pull into a buy just cause it is on sale, or very cool with “limited time offer” marketing behind it. And enables you to move on with a clear mind.

Try this out …. see if you find it helpful too.  Let me know what you are using to over come this problem in the comments below.

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