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Thanks for choosing to retain Yodacom to help with your digital launch or boost your existing marketing campaign. This is what we love to do.

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As DMTA’s (Digital Marketing Technology Architects) we always keep up with the latest cutting edge strategies that are working now and will apply them to your launch. We are strong believers in testing. Your audience is different than someone else’s so we will test to be sure we are getting the most out of your campaign with your target market.

We use and keep up with the latest automation tools to make your launch most efficient and enable you to easily manage your own campaigns, with some of the training and help we provide along the way, so that in the future you will be able to keep your business marketing machine going without having to call us to help – at least that is our goal. Yet we will always be available if you need us.

We also help with crafting messages and all the accompanying requirements needed to make a campaign successful.

You are on the team with us and we will need graphics, documents, logins etc to get started. How we make this simple is that once you retain us you will be provided shortly with login’s to our project site.  It is there that we manage all the digital assets, graphics, correspondence, and files related to your account. That way it is easy for you, and us, to keep things in order and visible all in one place.

This also makes us more efficient and provides a central control center to keep your campaign on track.  You will receive your logins and details once you finish signing up to retain our services.

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