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The App Revolution is here

Your business in your customers pocket!

YodaCom will show you how to harness the power of smart phones which most of your customers (and prospective customers) are carrying with them ALL THE TIME! With your own iPhone, iPad and Android App, you can reach out and touch these people.

Use your app to increase:

  • Brand visibility
  • Customer loyalty
  • Promotional ability
  • Clear and regular interaction with your customers
  • Drive new business on demand with PUSH notifications

If you are a local merchant, we can help you design and use counter top displays or window posters which display your “App icon”,  YodaCom will help you harness the power of this powerful marketing medium. 

Take the next step and join the mobile app wave. 

If the YodaCom team is building your App, one of our professional design team staff will be contacting you shortly. The YodaCom team will complete your App submission to iTunes and Google Play (Android) for inclusion in the “App Store”. Following the submission and approval of your App, you will be notified of your apps acceptance and launch in the App store by email, the moment confirmation from Apple is received.