OC DC is better than SEO

For years we have been tweaking and talking about and working to get our content seen, noticed and ranked higher in the search engines.  That magical land of where traffic becomes FREE and is the result of ORGANIC searches.

Sean Jackson, CFO and Partner in Copyblogger Media says that SEO as we talk of it is DEAD.  That we should instead talk of Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversion or OC/DC for short.  Doing this reframes the discussion on the real issues involved.  We still are optimizing and making sure our content is read and easily found by the search engines but we should really move our focus to how we are actually managing our authentic content.

This new way of talking about what we do as OC/DC encapsulates the idea of amplifying the overall reach and results of our content creation. Here is how he puts it:

OC/DC defines a new role for the former SEO activities, broadening the scope and applicability to what a professional online marketer actually does.

The real rock stars of search optimization have always known that it took a lot more than just getting the top result in Google to measure the success of their work.

He says there are six tactics which are the new focus (and check out the infographic below):

1. Improve content symmetry

2. Consider mobile responsive design a requirement

3. Target a 3-second load time (max)

4. Don’t ignore author attribution methods beyond Google

5. Repurpose your existing content

6. Create your own research

You can see the details of each of these in his excellent article http://www.copyblogger.com/ocdc/

Check out this infographic of OC/DC


SEO is Dead - Infographic
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