New Features coming to our apps

Our new redesign will take full advantage of the iOS 7 UI components, increasing user engagement and social integration opportunities. As you can imagine, this is a large effort that touches every view in our apps. You can expect the full Release and changes within the month of March.

Below is a full feature list:

ETA: ~30-days (currently in final Q/A testing stages)

iOS / Android

Global Additions
– Upgraded iOS framework to 7.0 (supporting only iOS 6+)
– Full redesign
– Landscape orientation
– Common Image sizes
– Heavy focus on improving iPad
– iPad specific views (Contact / Real Estate / NewsTab) — not available on Android Tablet
– Header images for Tablet

Messages / Analytics
– Geofencing
– Revamped Message center (filter messages and in app removal feature)
– Additional Google Analytics criteria (Preview App views vs. Live app views)

– Sharing control for all views
– Google Plus social integration
– Editable sharing text
– Sharing URL’s for all platforms (iTunes/GooglePlay/Mobile Website)

Loading / Caching
– Offline content caching
– Background image loading / caching

Universal / International
– Universal date/time format (mm/dd/yyyy 24:00)
– International Distance units (KM. vs. MI.)
– Timezones / Currency upgrades

– Global Search
– Search control for each list view

– Facebook feed
– NewsFeed widget on homescreen

Music Tab
– New music play/pause/progress control
– “All Tracks” & “Albums” filter
– Multitasking
– Music widget on homescreen

YouTube Tab
– Featured / Popular / Recent filters
– YouTube API (Pulls & Pushes comments from

Podcast Tab
– Audio & Video Podcasts filter
– Multitasking

Image Gallery Tab
– Multiple Galleries

Email Photo Tab
– Photo cropping tool
– “Recent Photos” Gallery

Social Engagement
– Comments on most tabs
– Activity feeds (GPS / QR / Loyalty Tab(s))
– NEW Social Tab
– Social Onboarding
– User stats displayed via web platform

NEW Real Estate Tab
– CSV Upload for quick listing population

NEW Google Ads Tab
– New Ads placement
– Supports AdMob
– Supports DoubleClick for Publishers by Google

Events V2 Tab
– Timezones
– Map & Directions
– Upcoming / Past filters

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