Modern Magnetic Marketing

Modern Magnetic Marketing

Creating the most effective marketing campaign can be challenging in any business world. In the digital world, however, there is good news and even better news…if you know what you are doing.

The good news is that you can easily reach your desired audience through more channels than ever before in history! Targeted audience that you want to do business with and who want what you are offering. Getting traffic is NOT your problem. The real challenge is getting that traffic to become your client/customers in a more automated way while making your business profitable.

The better news is that you can automate and measure this process from contact to conversion and make it a massive marketing machine for your business.

Each business has it’s particular nuances regarding who their particular customers are and what interests them, but automation of the process in nearly every case is very similar. That is what our MMM process is. We call it M 3. It takes all those key steps and applies them to your business.

Using M3 you are able to measure the success of each step of the process and consequently optimize it for maximum effectiveness. This turns your business into a digital automated machine bringing you new customers, new sales, from the customers you actually want to do business with. You control the process. The result? A business that is healthy and sustainable.

To help you we have created a series of documents to describe the M3 process. This helps you understand the whole process, the terminology used, and the building blocks to begin your own Modern Magnetic Marketing machine.

Why are we doing this? We love digital marketing automation. We love to see clients succeed in their chosen fields of business. We do this for Non Profits (which by the way is still a business with income needs and profitability standards), and the usual for profit companies.

Our business is helping define and automate this digital marketing model for our customers. We love digital marketing technology and applying it to our clients marketing machines. That is what we do.

If you decide you need more technological help creating your own machine we hope you will consider us in helping you build and optimize it. It is what we love to do.

Here is the first report. It is focused on a service type business. Many believe that the service business, consulting businesses and the like are hardest to automate. So we put together a document that outlines how a service business might employ M3. A service based business has it’s own unique way to accomplish M3Modern Magnetic Marketing