GeoFencing Profits

Since we have added the GeoFencing capabilities to our apps we are discovering just how powerful this technology is….it can make a big difference in your apps contribution to your bottom line.

By now, you’ve probably heard of geofencing – you may have even experienced it for yourself – but you may still have some questions about how it works, and more importantly, how it can work for your business.

geofence1Geofencing is the establishing of a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area. When one of your app users enters or exits the area, you can set your app to push a message to the user. Thus, the geofence allows you to send location-specific messages to your fans and prospects when they’re in the area.

Why bother with mobile app push notifications? Here is the data:

1. Push increases app user retention rates by an average of 100% !!
2. Use of push leads to an average of 26% more monthly opens

You could draw a fence around a competitor and when they enter the area you can send a coupon or message on why they should come to your business instead or provide incentives to visit and act on your offer.

You can also send them to a URL with a landing page offer triggered.

Is mobile part of your marketing strategy?  If not you are missing out on new profits and ways to keep connecting to your customers every month you wait…while  your competitors are grabbing them from you with their mobile apps. Let us help you get on the mobile marketing wave and ride it to higher profits.  Email us for more information using the handy form on the right.  It’s more affordable than you thought.

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