Advanced Offers via Push Notifications

YodaCom Apps “Offers” using the Push notification services in your app is simply the most advanced push notification system in the world — period.

What can you do with Yodacom Apps “Offers”?

– Send templates “offers” to customers based on industry or occasion
– Craft beautiful messages that help bring customers into your business
– Send location based messages to customers
– Connect to Facebook and Twitter to simultaneously post messages across social networks
– Link push notifications to any website URL
– Link push notifications to any content or tab inside of your

How does sending an “Offer” work?

1. Start off by opening up the push note dashboard.


2. Once the push note is open, select a enter in a message and head over to the location area.


3. From the location selection area you can send your message to a specific location — or to all over the globe.


4. After you’ve selected your location settings, move over to the content area. You can link your message to a specific URL, tab, or send a templated “offer” to your customers.


5. One of the most advanced features for push notifications system is our templated “offers”.

From this dashboard you can customize the offer image, color, text, and more.







6. Once you’re ready to send your message, simply move to the last step “Publish” and send. From here you can reschedule a specific time to send your push notification or send instantly.


What else can the new push notification system do?

Link to Facebook & Twitter to simultaneously. To do this simply log into your Facebook and Twitter accounts on the first step when sending a push notification.


How will these messages look inside of my app?




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